“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” - Benjamin Franklin

What is SEOS?

  • An educational framework providing a comfortable and easy-to-use teaching and learning environment.

  • SEOS aims to bridge the growing gap between the content and pace of frontal education and children’s everyday life interwoven with digital devices.

  • SEOS offers a unique and exciting learning experience regardless of the physical location of teachers and students.

  • SEOS provides an engaging environment for students and an effective assessment tool for teachers.

  • Any number of students or teachers can participate in the class from home or in the classroom, allowing them to work in the same familiar environment, regardless of the epidemic situation.

  • Using SEOS teachers can create, present and share rich and various learning materials.

  • SEOS supports classroom and remote schooling environments, as well as any types of hybrid solutions. A seamless switch between classroom and remote schooling modes ensures the continuity of education.

  • SEOS has three operation modes:

    • digital classroom: the teacher and the students are in the classroom using digital devices.

    • hybrid classroom: the teacher and some of the students are in the classroom, others join in from home or any other location. (being ill or in quarantine).

    • virtual classroom: the teacher and the students are at home or any other location.

SEOS offers 6 main modules:

  • Lesson module

  • Slides module

  • Tests module

  • Document library module

  • Results module

  • Homework module

Handling, control

  • Teachers and students work real-time on the same platform during class: no need for opening and closing apps or sending files back and forth.

  • Teachers in all three modes of operation can keep control of the class, deciding what to share on the board or on students’ screens.

  • SEOS is multiplatform: devices already used by teachers and students (laptops, tablets, smartphones) are suitable for use in all three modes of operation.

  • User-friendly interface, on-site training and/or e-learning materials are available to help you get started.

  • Supports in-class group work and differentiated education.

  • Homework is automatically corrected by the system and can be easily checked on the next lesson.

Learning materials, tests

  • Community folders: learning materials in the community folders can be freely used by dragging and dropping them into teachers’ private folders. They can change or improve the content and publish it to the community.

  • Institution folders: teachers from the same school can create joint folders, sharing and using each other's materials and tests. (Thus, members of the mathematics community of a school can split the task of creating learning materials and tests for the full-year curricula.)

  • Private folders: each registered teacher has their own folder where they can collect the materials and tests they created or copied from the community folders.


  • Fast scoring: test grading happens within 1 second.

  • Transparent evaluation: students get their individual results on their own device, while the teacher can see all results, creating cumulative or individual evaluations.

Summing it all up: as a flexible tool for digital, remote and hybrid education, SEOS offers predictability in an unpredictable world.