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🔵 An educational framework providing a comfortable and easy-to-use teaching and learning environment

🔵 Multiplatform solution, the ability to use any gadget! Our application has the strongest analytics, because of this, teachers no longer need to spend more time checking tests. At the same time, an individual approach to each child is provided

🔵 Reflecting educational needs during the COVID-related school closures, the latest version of SEOS offers a unique and exciting learning experience regardless of the physical location of teachers and students

🔵 Any number of students, as well as the teacher can participate in the class from home or in the classroom, allowing teachers and students to work in the same familiar environment, regardless of the epidemic situation

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The project on digitalization of education in the Monor city Hungary has become a very serious project for our company. Six schools located in this city have integrated SEOS smart cloud platform into their daily process, bringing forth transformative results.

Teachers Satisfaction:

Teachers in Monor’s schools highly appreciated SEOS for its user-friendly interface, streamlining lesson preparation and amplifying the efficiency of the learning process. SEOS-driven classes became an incentivized reward for exceptional student performance, showcasing the platform's popularity and effectiveness compared to traditional teaching methods.

Data-Driven Adaptability:

SEOS's robust analytics empowered educators with profound insights into each student's progress. This adaptability allowed teachers to tailor their approaches, ensuring maximum impact and personalized learning experiences for every student.

Parental Satisfaction:

The implementation of SEOS brought tangible benefits to parents, providing them by teachers a transparent and detailed overview of their children's academic achievements.

As a result Monor city has emerged as a hub of educational innovation, where modern technologies foster an environment conducive to successful learning. Join us in shaping an educational future where every student realizes their full potential, and every teacher brings their most inspiring educational ideas to life. Together, let's start a new era in education!

What do our customers think?

Tamas Dávidházi - teacher of the Monor's school.

Why is SEOS good for us?

Why do I personally like to use it?

What is your biggest advantage?

What do children like about it?

Nyerges Zsolt Endre - Global Team Coaching Institute. 

I used SEOS in my online “ training for trainers” education program, and – based on the feedback from the participants-it colored our joint work very usefully. I was afraid to be distracted and make mistakes – but the application is very easy to use, the user interface is friendly, and somehow it looks familiar at first. Thanks to the system, I was able to measure the progress of my groups in real time, and I received instant feedback on how efficiently I was able to deliver a piece of material and what else the group needed. I also found the mood barometer function very useful, which allowed me to follow the fluctuations in the attention and mood of groups, on which I could build immediate reactions. Special thanks to the developers for helping me through my initial uncertainties with a lot of patience and activity! 😊

Szilvia Tóth - teacher of the Minor school

I think SEOS is a very good invention because everything is dedicated to developing the digital competencies of children (and myself). We were lucky to get a digital classroom with a smart board, laptop and 30 tablets. We really like using it with children because we can use it in a playful way, according to the needs of today, and learn with it. I try to give them tasks with which they can develop their knowledge both individually and in groups. I try to make the educational materials created in SEOS interesting for children through various animations, embedded videos and games that children really like. It is also very convenient that all the materials and tests that I created for the class can be used in the future and I can always return to these materials. And also, of course, it's great that the verification of the correctness of the written text takes place in real time.

Overall, we like it, we are glad to have this opportunity! 😁

Digital education is the future… and the future is today!