Frequently Asked Questions for Zoom Users

The Q&A list below will help SEOS users to start the SEOS lesson connected to the Zoom meeting as quickly and easily as possible. If you need more thorough, detailed information about using SEOS, please read the relevant sections of the User’s Manual.

How to enable Zoom for use within SEOS?

Teachers as SEOS users, before using the integrated Zoom meeting function, must enable it once through their Zoom account as follows:

After that, you will be able to use the application via the SEOS system.

How to uninstall Zoom from SEOS?

If you remove the SEOS application from your Zoom account, you will not be able to use the Zoom meeting function within the SEOS system during a lesson.

When is it necessary to use Zoom during classes?

During a virtual or hybrid class, SEOS users (teachers, students) are not physically at the same place. In such cases, teacher-student interactions are still supported by SEOS in such a way that the audio-visual connection between the actors is established by means of the Zoom application integrated into the system.

In summary, the use of Zoom in the SEOS system is necessary when holding Virtual or hybrid classes.

Do all SEOS users have to have a Zoom account?

No, only the teacher user must have a Zoom account, as he or she will be the host of the Zoom meetings. Of course, it is not wrong if the students also have a Zoom account and are logged in on the given device, but they do not need a registered Zoom account to use SEOS.

Is it necessary for the Zoom application to be installed on the device (laptop, tablet) from which we use SEOS?

It is not necessary for the Zoom application to be installed on the device on which SEOS is used, as the Zoom application is then opened in an integrated manner in SEOS.

What preparations are necessary to use Zoom during class?

For the first time, teachers need to log in with Zoom through the SEOS system. After that, it is no longer necessary to log into the Zoom application separately. The single login process is as follows:

Students do not need any preparation to be able to join a Zoom meeting.

As a teacher, how can I use Zoom within SEOS?

If the teacher has completed the preparation detailed in the previous point, he can set up a Zoom meeting with his students after starting a class. The usage of the integrated Zoom function is as follows:

How can students join the Zoom meeting from SEOS?

After logging into SEOS, students are automatically logged into their currently running Class. If the Class includes a Zoom meeting, the students will receive a notification about the Zoom meeting via the SEOS interface, which they can join without any registration by pressing the "Join Meeting" button that appears in the Zoom window.

What possible error can occur during use?

If you open the SEOS application in a private (incognito) browser window, it is necessary to enable cookies, as without them the application will function incorrectly, including the built-in Zoom module.