Frequently Asked Questions for Google Users

Preparations for use

You can start using SEOS on any device with an internet browser and internet connection.

What do I need to use SEOS?

You must have a gmail or business email address in Google Workspace to sign up.

The teacher interface can be accessed from a browser with a working internet connection. We recommend using Google Chrome. The touch board interface, the web student interface, can also be opened in a browser window.

A minimum of Android 5.1.1 and iOS 13.5 are required to install the student mobile app.

How do I install SEOS on an Android device?

Open the Google Play Store app on your device! Enter the word "seos" in the search box. In the results, find the one whose icon is the blue owl, click on it and then install it! The application launcher icon appears on the home screen or between applications, depending on your device.

What settings are required?

Pop-ups must be enabled in the browser from which you want to use SEOS. The first time your browser blocks pop-ups, click the alert and enable it.


Signing in with a registered Google account uses Google's SSO (single sign-on) authentication scheme.

Can I use SEOS without a Google Account?

To access the Teacher Interface, you must have a Google Account that you can sign in to, and this Google Account must be pre-registered in the system.

 The student does not need any other account, just to be registered in the SEOS system. However, some features of SEOS may require additional contact information from students (eg, Skype ID or email address to use the Homework feature).

What are the possible reasons for a failed login?

For a teacher:

 For a student:

What can I do if I forgot my username (Google Account)?

On this page, enter your secondary email address or the phone number you provided during registration. Follow the instructions!

What can I do if I forgot my password (Google Account)?

Enter your Google username when signing in, click "Forgot your password?" text and follow the instructions!

Teaching materials

The educational materials created in SEOS are actually Google Slides and Google Forms documents.

Does SEOS take up my Google storage space?

Documents created in SEOS (slide decks and tests) are not stored in connection with the user's account and therefore do not take up the user’s Google storage space.

I can't find SEOS materials on my own storage.

This is normal, as SEOS documents are not stored on the user's storage. slide decks of SEOS that are editable for the user can be viewed by clicking “Shared with me”. You can make copies of these files to your own storage or download them to your computer if needed. However, it is important to know that if you do so, the copies will not be connected to SEOS, they will no longer be editable from SEOS, and any changes to them will not appear in the original SEOS document.

Materials created on your own storage will not appear in SEOS. What to do?

Documents created and contained in SEOS are stored at a separate storage location and are not stored in the user's Google storage. If you want to use your own slide deck in SEOS, create a slide deck in SEOS and import the contents of your own slides. (This way, you can import not only Google Slides, but also PowerPoint presentations from your computer.)

Where can I read more about the details of editing educational materials?

About editing Google Slides:

About editing Google Forms:

How to use a slide deck outside of SEOS?

The slide decks edited by the teacher in SEOS can be exported from the Google Slides interface to your computer.

The slide decks edited by the teacher in SEOS appear on the “Shared with Me” section of the teacher’s own Drive. Make a copy for yourself here.

Note that links pointing to SEOS content in the slides will not work outside the system!

How to use a SEOS test outside of SEOS?

The tests edited by the teacher in SEOS are to appear on the “Shared with Me” page of the teacher’s own Drive. Make a copy of any of them here, which you are then free to edit and use.

What can I do if the created slide deck does not appear in SEOS?

Only documents created within the system are to be displayed in SEOS. You may have created that slide deck on your own Google Drive.

How to use a slide deck created outside of SEOS in SEOS?

You can easily import Google Slides, PowerPoint, Impress presentations into SEOS. Create a new slide deck in SEOS, open it for editing, then use the File / Slide Import function.

How to use a form created outside of SEOS in SEOS?

You can import questions from your form into your SEOS test. However, then you must enter the resolution key correctly in the SEOS.

What should I do if I get a "no permission" error message when I click on a video or link in a slide?

If you've placed a link or item in your slides that is pointing to or located on your own Google Drive storage or YouTube channel, make sure you give them the appropriate sharing permissions (anyone with the link), otherwise other users won't be able to access that content.