About us

Legnurt was founded in 2008 and over the 15 years of its operation has grown into a leading company in the field of developing innovative learning applications, striving to create inspiring educational tools that change the way learning and development.

"Whether You Think You Can, or Think You Can't ... You're Right" - Henry Ford

Our answer is: we can!

At the heart of Legnurt is a collective passion for creating educational apps that inspire students and shape the future. Our team is a multifaceted association of experts, creative thinkers and progressive developers working in harmony to create the best educational solutions.

We are not just a team, we are educational pioneers striving to transform education through innovative technologies. 

In 2023, more than 10,000 students started using SEOS

Join Legnurt and become a part of the educational revolution!

Larisa Mikhailova

Head of Sales & Business Development EMEA & Central Asia 

"Welcome to the world of educational innovation! Our smart cloud solution SEOS offer a unique opportunities for effective and modern digital learning. For me, as a Head of Sales and Business Development , being a part of our friendly team is not only an honor, but also gives me and all our team the opportunity to implement new approaches to learning that make education accessible and progressive. Let's take learning to a new level together!"

sales @ seos.app

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